Here we are, waiting for autumn to begin as we continue to enjoy these glorious sunny warm days and cool nights. We are, of course, desperate for water and soon it will come…

Just to let you know we are holding our Annual General Meeting on Saturday November 19th at 2:00 at the Hall. We are always looking for new board members and we can guarantee you will be busy as the year ahead proves to be an exciting one! The Outdoor Gathering Space will be built – and they will come!

Please let us know if you are interested in joining our board of directors on one of the longest running non-profits on our beautiful island. Our Treasurer Rob Plowright is stepping down and we want to thank him for his time. Fortunately, Brenda Upton, another board member is willing to take on the task! Julie Stewart will continue on as our bookkeeper. One of our ongoing hopes is to have an events committee to organize our own enjoyable events to create additional revenue.

It is with deep regret that we report that the maple to the right side of the driveway when you are standing at the Hall will have to be removed. We had a specialized Arborist come to examine all our trees and she reported that that tree has large stem decay conks and is not safe to retain. She suggests we cut it down as the roots are impacting the driveway and surrounding area. It is too much of a liability with children climbing it and the risk of branches falling onto someone when in the immediate area. We won’t let her go without a ceremony of some sort so please watch for that well deserved event. It will happen before the tree comes down and we welcome any ideas from the public because we recognize the importance of this tree to the community.

The Nanaimo Foundation Agreement for $15,000 has been signed. The project will go ahead to install two EV chargers and some of the grant is to reconfigure the surrounding area for parking. We are grateful that two of our board members, Anna Paletta and Lesley Hazeldine have stepped up to spearhead this project.

The site for the Outdoor Gathering Space has been chosen by recommendation from the Building Committee and this committee is now standing down. The focus now is on the design of the structure with permitting and drawing up of tender documents to follow.

VIHA has a contract with the Community Hall for two days on November 2 and 16th for a Vaccine Clinic for both flu and covid. The government booking site is still problematic and we suggest you persevere to book your appointment. I am hearing now that they are booked!

A shout out to the Salmon BBQ volunteers, donors and sponsors who attended our Thank You Tea Party on the afternoon of September 17th. After all the hectic activity of the day of the BBQ, it was a refreshing change to sip tea, nibble on delicacies and meet up with old (and new) friends. We’ll do it all again next year! And gratitude to Mary Wohlleben for sewing the cheery tablecloths.


That’s it for now.


Joyce Babula, President
On behalf of the Board of Directors