You will most likely remember from last month’s newsletter that we have received funding from the ICIP-CVRIS Program by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia for the creation of an Outdoor Community Gathering Space on Gabriola.

The total amount of the funding is $254,155 which represents 100% of eligible costs and which will be paid to the Hall in the form of reimbursements for work already carried out. As the various phases of work are completed, we will submit claims for reimbursement on a regular basis to ensure a steady cash flow. We have recently signed a Shared Cost Agreement with the Province which guarantees the funding in its entirety. This agreement also stipulates that we have until December 31st, 2025, to complete the project so we have more than enough time to get things done properly.

The Hall intends to utilize its financial reserves to cover the costs of the initial phases of the project for which we will submit claims for reimbursement in a timely manner. However, in order to take on the necessary interim project financing, the Hall Board recommends obtaining a line of credit from Coastal Community Credit Union which, as specified in the Hall’s bylaws, will require the consent of the membership at a specially convened General Meeting, now set for Sunday, October 17th at 2pm at the Hall.

All are welcome to attend the General Meeting but only members in good standing at the time the Notice of General Meeting is sent, will be eligible to vote. Please note that the fact that you receive this newsletter does not automatically mean that you are a member; as a result of changes to the BC Societies Act a few years ago, all members are now required to submit the application form found on the website. If you are unsure of your membership status, drop us a line to and we’ll check. Masks and proof of vaccination will be required.

We’re already undertaking some of the preparatory work for the project including arranging for a survey of the property and an arboriculture assessment in order to begin the site planning and design work. We’ll keep you regularly updated on the development of the project and sometime in the next few months will hold an Open House at the Hall to present our plans and ideas.

We hope you share our excitement at the creation of this community gathering space as a legacy for the entire island – and don’t forget, we’d like to hear your ideas too!

The Hall has been well used this past month – in addition to the regular activities, we have had vaccination clinics, advance polling and, of course, Election Day on September 20th. A special shout-out to our janitor, Shaun Woods, who indefatigably kept up on the cleaning and sanitizing like a real trooper. Thank you, Shaun!

In light of the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, fueled in large part by the unvaccinated, the Hall Board has passed a resolution requiring all adult users of the Hall to have proof of vaccination or documented medical exemption, until further notice. We believe such a step is necessary to protect the health and safety of islanders using the Hall and to do our small bit to hasten the end of the pandemic. Surely it’s not too much to hope for a time – in the not too distant future – when masks and vaccine passports are things of the past. And when we get there, it will be thanks to our community pulling together with kindness and compassion, making sacrifices and taking some tough decisions, all for the greater good.

Keep safe, folks!


Joyce Babula
Gabriola Community Hall Association