Here we are already in February and, despite the current cold snap, seeing the unmistakable signs of spring. How strange to look back to a year ago when the first rumblings of a seismic change appeared on the horizon and to see how day to day life has been upended and transformed. But we are nothing if not adaptable and it has been uplifting to see how Gabriola has risen to meet the challenge. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the community has continued to come together to provide support and encouragement to individuals and organizations.

As an example of this incredible community spirit, I am delighted to announce that the Hall is the beneficiary of $4,720 through Nester’s Community Card Programme – a hair’s breadth from the total maximum of $5,000, and this during a time when people were feeling stressed out about shopping and being out and about. Thank you, Nester’s and Gabriola, you really came through for the Hall!

And for our generous donors through Canada Helps, you should be receiving your tax receipts shortly.

A shout out to a couple of people this month – first, Julie Stewart who has stepped up as volunteer bookkeeper and support to our Treasurer. She’s doing a wonderful job of keeping us all in line in the nicest possible way. Second, Sean Wood, our new janitor who is everything we could possibly hope for in this role. He is also learning the role of maintenance person by shadowing Mike Pelzer, who has faithfully served the Hall in this capacity for many years.

In compliance with current Provincial Health Orders, the Hall is now open for a limited range of activities : children’s dance, low intensity fitness, tai chi, and qi gong. Our board has been closely monitoring the situation and will continue to do so, making changes as necessary.

In this “down” time, we’ve been able to take advantage to carry out a Fire Inspection and an inspection by Vancouver Island Health Authority. We passed both with flying colours.

For those who are Facebook savvy, you can expect to see changes in the social media presence of the Hall as we embark on a project spearheaded by the Gabriola Chamber of Commerce with the goal of designing a social media strategy for local businesses and organization. We’re going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century – watch this space!


Joyce Babula
Gabriola Community Hall Association