Here we are again – it’s summer but there is no 65th Annual Community Hall Salmon Barbeque. All those volunteers who are missing out on their valuable contribution to our insurance fund…

But wait – you can have your very own barbeque! Julie Stewart, our salmon barbeque coordinator has worked hard to make this work! Order half or one pound vacuumed packed pink salmon and pick up your salmon at the Hall on Saturday August 8th (see time slots on website – we need to follow covid-19 protocols and avoid crowding the pickup area). Enjoy your barbeque with friends and family at home but do take photos and/or videos and send them to us. We will compile a composite of all the mini-barbeques on Gabriola.

And if you choose to support us in another way, you can order a gourmet sockeye salmon for two. You can view the menu here on our website if are unable to read the graphic below.


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Volunteer Sas Selfjord has arranged for chefs, Maddy Beaulieu and James Hawkins who are preparing this meal for two with the help of volunteer worker bees. $65 for the dinner for two, for the 65th Anniversary of the Salmon Barbeque. You can pick up your meals on Saturday August 8th at the Fellowship Church. Again, please check the website for pickup times. If you are one person, you will have to find a buddy to share this package as it is a meal for two people. Our website will be ready for your ordering pleasure with details of the menu which we promise will be delicious. There is nothing to stop you from ordering both raw salmon for your freezer and the dinner for two for dinner on the 8th. There will be only 65 dinner for two orders though, so be quick and be counted!

You may order both the wild pink salmon and the dinner for two online at our website:

Huge thank you to Kevan Heughan of Gabriola Graphics for his excellent job on our website for this fundraiser!!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of people who support the Hall and we hope that many more Gabriolans will enter into the spirit of this Pandemic Barbeque fundraiser by making donations on August 8th!

On another topic, in these difficult to gather times, why not consider holding your meetings/group events at the Hall? There is plenty of room for social distancing. Again go to our website to check out availability and rates.

We received a small grant from the Recreation Society’s grants-in-aid to touch up the downstairs floor which was painted a number of years ago by volunteers Dinah D and Trevor. That job will be completed sometime this month and ready for rentals in August.

The project for the Emergency Reception Centre is progressing and RDN staff are working towards the installation of the generator. We will let you know when it is completed.

When the Pandemic first loomed on the horizon at the beginning of this year, it seemed as though “normal” life might resume after a few months of disruption – at that time a “normal” Salmon BBQ even seemed a possibility. However, we have all adapted to a new kind of normal for the duration, however long it may be, and things that seemed unthinkable a few short months ago have become part of daily life today. We have accepted all kinds of restrictions on our activities in the name of the collective good and by doing so have discovered all sorts of ways to continue to build community in this new reality. Gabriolans are resilient folk and this period has brought out the very best of our island with many acts of great generosity, small kindnesses, creative solutions – a community pulling together. So we hope that on August 8th, yet again, the community will support its Community Hall and come together for an island barbecue, each in our own space, and raise a glass to our collective health and well-being.


Joyce Babula
Gabriola Community Hall Association