As everyone is well aware, the Hall is closed until further notice along with most buildings and many businesses on our beautiful Island due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We put up a closed sign on March 16. Gabriolans are doing their part by sheltering at home, and observing social distance protocols as advised by our Provincial Health Officer, Bonnie Henry.

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, Nesters has accepted the Community Hall as one of the beneficiaries of the Community Card Program whereby Nesters donate $5 for every $100 loaded onto the card up to a total of $5000. However, in light of the Pandemic, many people are having their groceries delivered to respect the “sheltering in place” recommendation, and using their credit card instead so the community card fundraiser may not be as successful as we had hoped. I just heard from Nesters and even if you order on line via debit you can tell them to use your community card for the Community Hall. If you haven’t loaded a community card before, you can do so whether you shop in person or have food delivered. Just make sure to tell them you want the Hall to get the 5%, and we will get the funds! I think Nesters are doing a great job!

We continue to work with the RDN around the Hall’s designation as an Emergency Reception Centre. One way you can help this project along is to make use of Nesters community card program . Those funds are to help pay for a heat pump that needs to be installed before we get the ERC designation. Other people have asked how they could help to raise the money for the heat pump. You can simply donate money via the credit union into the Community Hall account. Make sure you enter your name and email for tax purposes.

We continue to brainstorm and strategize for a plan to address our financial situation. It is looking most unlikely that we will be having our Annual Salmon Barbecue this year…..sad but true. We depend on those funds to pay the insurance premium among other things. We also need to make up for the loss of funds due to lack of rental income. We welcome any ideas you may have!

We know that most non-profits on the Island are feeling the same pinch and we are not alone. PHC feeds a lot of our community members and they are in a similar situation. Those of us who can step up, need to do so.

Is there anyone out there who would like some exercise? Our lawn needs cutting! We don’t have our own lawnmower though but a group of volunteers may like to organize such an event.

Let Hank Reid, our Treasurer know at 247-9069. Thank you.

This too shall pass. Stay Safe Stay Strong.

Cheers for now,


Joyce Babula
Gabriola Community Hall Association