Hello again. Sorry, this newsletter is a little late – life has been hectic!

Lots of news. We had an agenda-packed Board meeting on February 19th – a week later than it should have been owing to the snowfall. The Hall is fortunate in having active and talented board members. While on the subject, there is still a vacant position on the Board if anyone is interested! Just e-mail us at info@gabriolacommunityhall.com.

Among other things, the Board discussed and approved a Business Plan which charts the way ahead for the Community Hall. It’s the sort of plan that is increasingly required by granting agencies but will also help us keep tabs on our progress over the next few years. It is too long to summarise here, but you can find it online at this link.

The Board’s major priority at present is to raise funds to enable a new flat roof covering to be installed. The last thing we need is another downtime owing to a leak – and the roof is at the end of its useful life. The RDN’s Community Works Fund has agreed to fund 50% of the cost, but we need to raise the other 50% ourselves. The total cost is about $40,000. Elizabeth Iachelli, our Vice-President, is looking for sources of funding.

If everyone on our mailing list were to contribute $15, we would have what is needed for the roof! Click here to Donate. (I do know that many of you are already monthly contributors, and we thank you for your generosity.)

On the administrative front, we have updated the job descriptions of our three part-time workers in consultation with them. The process made us realise just how much the Hall relies on them to maintain our services. Big thanks!

On Sunday, March 31st at 2:30, Gabriola Singers will put on another great performance. Don’t miss it – one performance only. It will feature Cindy Shepard and the Lund’smen.

We are excited that Paul Gellman and crew will perform at the Hall on Friday, May 3rd. Paul has graciously agreed that the proceeds of the event will go towards our “Raise the Roof” campaign. Look out for more information in the next month or so.

food forum

The annual Food Forum on February 16th was another great success – despite the foot of snow! Thanks to all who made it all work.

As I said, lots of news this month.

Back soon!

Peter Jones
Community Hall Association