Thank you for your interest in renting the hall!

Our rental process is completed in 3 steps. 

1Step 1

Read and Review Rental Terms

1Step 2

Check Calendar for Availability

1Step 3

Complete Online Rental Form

Additional information regarding:

Rental Pricing

Item Rental Rate Ongoing
Main Hall (upstairs) $35/hour $17.50/hour
Downstairs $20/hour $12.50/hour
Whole day rental $350/day
Early morning rehearsals (6-9am only) $7.50/hour
Outdoor Canopy 10 x 20′ $35/day
Theatrical Stage Lighting $15/day
Baby Grand Piano $25/day
Sound system – Advanced To be operated ONLY by a hall-approved sound technician. Rent of sound system does not include the sound technician fees $55/day
Commercial Kitchen during event $20
Commercial Kitchen (upstairs only) $10/hour
Janitorial Clean Up $30/hour

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on any question below to reveal the answer. We’ll continually be updating this section over time.

1. Is the whole-day rental for the hall apply to the upstairs or the downstairs?

When renting the hall for a whole day this includes BOTH the upstairs and downstairs areas.

2. Can I rent the hall without filling in the online form?

While we encourage the use of our online rental form there is a downloadable form available from the top of the online rental form page.

3. Where can I find the SOCAN music license information PDF?
The SOCAN music license information PDF can be found on our Rental Terms page (Step 1). Here is a direct link to that SOCAN PDF.
4. Can I rent the hall in 15 minute or 30 minute increments?

You may only rent the hall by the hour. You can however choose the starting time of your rental slot to start either on the hour, or the half-hour.