Thank you for your interest in renting the hall!

We’ve recently updated and streamlined our rental process into a 4-step system.

Due to Covid-19 there is currently an additional step required to rent the hall.

Also see below:

Rental Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions


1Step 1

Read and Review Rental Terms

1Step 2

Check Calendar for Availability

1Step 3

Complete Covid-19 Agreement Form

1Step 4

Complete Online Rental Form

Rental Pricing

Item Rental Rate Ongoing & Rehearsal
Main Hall (upstairs) $30/hour $15/hour
Downstairs $18/hour $11/hour
Whole day rental $300/day
Set-up $10/hour
Early morning rehearsals (6-9am only) $5/hour
Outdoor Canopy 10 x 20′ $30/day
Theatrical Stage Lighting $12/day
Baby Grand Piano $18/day
Sound system – Advanced To be operated ONLY by a hall-approved sound technician. Rent of sound system does not include the sound technician fees $48/day
Commercial Kitchen during event $15
Commercial Kitchen (upstairs only) $10/hour
Janitorial Clean Up $30/hour

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on any question below to reveal the answer. We’ll continually be updating this section over time.

1. Is the whole-day rental for the hall apply to the upstairs or the downstairs?

When renting the hall for a whole day this includes BOTH the upstairs and downstairs areas.

2. Can I rent the hall without filling in the online form?

While we encourage the use of our online rental form there is a downloadable form available from the top of the online rental form page.

3. Where can I find the SOCAN music license information PDF?

The SOCAN music license information PDF can be found on our Rental Terms page (Step 1). Here is a direct link to that SOCAN PDF.