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Covid-19 Agreement Form

We understand that current Covid-19 protocols may hinder rental arrangements. If you have any Covid-19 related concerns or questions you can contact Laurie using the following email link here. Please complete the form below before using the online rental form.

Download or print the Covid-19 form

  • Have you read and understand Public Health Orders regarding Covid-19 with particular attention to pages 4-7 on Indoor and Outdoor Events of the Gathering and Events Guidelines?

  • (wedding, memorial, performance, dance, craft sale, etc.)
  • Please provide an estimate
  • Estimated hours the Hall will be used:

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  • Individuals who feel unwell should stay home. Anyone who has been in close contact with a person who tested Positive for Covid-19 within the last 14 days is also prohibited entry to the Community Hall.

    Sept 13, 2021: BC Vaccine Card plus supporting piece of government issued ID are required. Proof of at least one dose of vaccine must be shown for entry to indoor events. Until Sept 26th the immunization card is acceptable.

    Starting Sept 27th the BC Vaccine Card plus a supporting piece of government issued ID is the only acceptable proof of vaccination.

    By Oct. 24th. people must be fully vaccinatedwith two doses of Covid-19 vaccine to enter the facility.

    When holding my activity I agree to ensure that all participants have been instructed to follow the posted Covid-19 protocols:

    1. Inside events must keep physical distance between participants by ensuring access to their event is controlled, that each person is assigned to a seat and that they stay in their assigned seat and do not move from seat to seat. Participants are seated throughout the place in such a way as to use all available space.

    2. Masks are mandated indoors.

    3. Unless otherwise agreed to, the kitchen is off limits for all activity even for a drink. If arrangements have been made to use kitchen facilities for a food or drink station, alcohol-based hand sanitizers must be within easy reach of the station. Signage reminding participants to wash or sanitize their hands must be posted. High touch surfaces at the station and utensils used for self-serve are frequently cleaned and sanitized.

    4. All hall users must remove their garbage/waste paper/compost, recycling when leaving.

    5. On leaving, sanitize all touched surfaces you have used. Refer to the sanitization suggested checklist posted on the table at the door. After each rental the organizer must sign off that touched surface cleaning has been completed.

    Additionally, to meet the Hall’s indoor distancing guidelines, no more than 100 people in attendance in the main hall. I agree to use the main floor entrance and limit event activity of the lower floor to use of the washrooms. To meet the Hall’s indoor distancing guidelines, no more then 50 participants downstairs can attend my class/event at one time in that rental area. I agree to use the downstairs area only.

    Exceptions may be made only at the discretion of the board.

    A record of attendance and contact information must be kept by the organizer for 30 days.

    A Covid surcharge may apply if cleaning/sanitizing protocols are not scrupulously adhered to.

  • By checking the following box you agree to all terms and conditions above.
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